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E124 Control Board


Type: E124 Control Board

Mechanism: Automatic

Category: Swing gate motor Model 415

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The E124 Control Board is slightly different than the old model 415. It is more efficient than the older model 413. The drawbacks that are present in the old models are not found in this one. This is what makes it more in demand among the people. The best feature of this new control board is that it can control through a button. The swing gates which are often found to be heavy can be easily controlled with the use of E124 Control Board. This is what makes it best for the commercial sector.

The internal mechanism of this system is safe from all the external factors like dust, dirt, climate changes, etc. The outer covering is white in colour. There is no restriction on its usage in the residential place. That is why people in NSW, Australia are using it for their residential place too. It has the potential to give a proper performance for a longer duration with less maintenance service. There is a team of expert technicians in our company who can help you with the installation of the E124 Control Board. One call and the product will be delivered within the least time possible.


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