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Type: FAAC_391

Mechanism: Automatic

Category: FAAC 391 articulated arm swing gate motor

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The arm swing gate motor is our latest product that can be used for the purpose of controlling the swing gates. The design of this new FAAC_391 is very compact and elegant. This latest technology makes the opening and closing of the swing gates a lot easy than ever before. It is highly flexible and the arms provide a wide range of opening and closing functions. This makes it suitable for the larger gates also. It has a non-reversing gear motor that enables the people to move the gate easily during a power cut situation.

The non-reversing motors also help to hold the gate in its exact position without letting it move an inch. There is a built-in mechanical stop present in the FAAC_391. So, there is no need to install the opening and closing mechanical stop separately. It is made from the latest electronic devices. It has the potential to easily detect the obstacle in its way. So, you swing gates will never clash with any kind of obstacle anymore. There is also an optional emergency battery system available in the latest FAAC_391. So, no need to worry about any power cut situation.


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