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Fence panel


Type: Fence panel

Mechanism: Fences

Category: 1200 high Oxley ring spear top fence

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This fence panel is suitable for those who want to protect large areas. But, that does not make it unsuitable for the small properties. This fencing panel is 2400 mm in length and 1200 mm in height. There are female types spears present on the top of this panel. This is what makes it suitable for the areas where high security is required.  There are 19×19 square cubes present in this fence panel. There is a 90 mm gap between each one of the tubes. There is a beautiful design on the top of the panel.

38×25 solid rings are present on the top. The complete structure of the panel is designed to give it a perfect look. This is what makes it best for the purpose of protection of a particular spot. This fencing panel can be used for both commercial and residential areas.  For the installation of these heavy panels, you can also contact the professionals of our company. We have trained professionals for the purpose installing these heavy panels. So, there is no need to worry about the safety or accidents occurring anymore. We are always here for your help.


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