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Panel Flat top 2400W x 1200H Primrose


Type: Panel Flat top 2400W x 1200H Primrose

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Flat top

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  1. The flat top panels are used for various purposes on the commercial and residential property. It is 2400mm wide x 1200mm high. This stops the unwanted people from entering your property. The panel has a top and bottom rail 38×25. There are 16 diameter tubes present in this fencing panel. All the tubes are vertically arranged. This stops people from climbing the top of the fence. The space between the tubes is 70 mm. These tubes are welded at 6 points. The aluminium used in the manufacturing of this fence is of high quality. This item also has 100% NATA certification and approved to be used for Australian / NZ swimming pools. The products come with a 7-year warranty.All the products are chemically treated for enhancing the durability of the fences. It protects the fences from various climatic conditions like rainfall, storm, etc. It also prevents the other external factors like dust and dirt. The hinges and latches used with this fence are also of high quality. So, no need to worry about its efficiency. We promise to deliver this product as soon as possible.

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Weight9 kg
Dimensions2400 x 38 x 1200 mm