frameless glass brighton lee sand

Frameless glass brighton lee sand Installed price per LM



Type: Frameless glass

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Glass Pool Fence



Modifying the surrounding of the house to enhance its beauty is one of the prime aims of the homeowners. But, only enhancing the external beauty of the home will not be much effective if you ignore the internal part. Our frameless pool glass fencing is a great product that can enhance the aesthetic value of your backyard along with the safety. There is no need to worry about your kid or the pet falling into the pool in your absence. That is why it has gained a rapid increase in its popularity in the Brighton-Le-Sands.

These frameless glass fences are attached with the help of the spigots. Two spigots are more than enough for the installation of one frameless glass. The spigots are made with the use of the optimum quality stainless steel which is immune from the salt waters. It does not get rusted even if it is installed near the pool side. The maintenance of this glass fences are lots easier than the other fencing products. Just swiping the glasses with a soft cloth can give back the shiny look again. The glasses are durable and strong enough to tackle the various weather conditions and climatic changes.


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