frameless glass with square spigots

Frameless glass with square spigots Glass installed $350/LM



Type: Frameless glass with square spigots

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Glass Pool Fence



Whenever it comes to the installation of the frameless glass fences around the pool area, people mostly give their first preference to the round spigots. But, do you know the square spigots are as much effective as the round spigots. The frameless glass fences are designed to give a perfect look around the pool area. A combination of the square spigot along with the frameless glass gives a perfect look. Only two spigots are enough to install one glass fences. There is a proper gap in the spigots to make it stand still.

There is no need to worry that the glass fence will get damaged due to external factors like climatic changes, dust, dirt, sun, etc. It is made from the optimum quality material. This is what makes the glass fences highly durable and strong. The price of the glass fences is also reasonable in our store as compared to the others. There is no need to worry if you have no idea about how to install it. Our experts can help you with the installation procedure also. The charge of the installation is $350/LM only for the frameless glass with square spigots.


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