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Gal 50×50 Steel cap



Type: Gal 50×50 Steel cap

Mechanism: Fencing accessory

Category: Steel Galvanized caps

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The main problem arises with the posts of the fences. During the rainy season and snowfall, the first aspect of the fencing that gets damaged is the wooden posts. Our Gal 50×50 Steel cap can solve this problem of yours. With the installation of the caps, stacking of the elements like rain, snow, etc will not happen. The life expectancy of the posts will get enhanced due to the caps. There is a slope like structure on the top of the steel cap. This does not allow the snow or rainwater to get stacked on the top of the posts. For the best result, fix the steel cap with professionals.

The steel galvanized caps are completely free from the corrosion problem. There is no need to be worried that it will get rusted due to the bad weather or climatic conditions. The black colour of the Gal 50×50 Steel cap provides an elegant look to the entire post. This steel cap is best for the square posts. If you require any kind of help or information, contact our experts without any hesitation. We promise to deliver the product as soon as possible.


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