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Gates with lock


Type: Gates with lock

Mechanism: Manual

Category: Gravity Latches

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There are various types of gates with lock available in the market. But, the question is that whether it is able to fulfil its purpose or not. Our modern gates with gravity locks are one of the latest products that are preferred by the people for their backyards. The gate is designed to give an elegant look with proper security. The colour of the gates not only provides an elegant look but it also enhances the life expectancy of the doors. It works like a protective coating that protects the gates from various weather conditions, climatic changes, dust, dirt, etc. So, you can assure on the durability of the gates.

The lock that we provide with the gate is also made as per the Australian security standard. So, there is no need to worry about its efficiency. The gravity latches are one of the easiest locks to open and close. The gaps in the doors allow the natural component to enter your backyard like air, sunlight, etc. So, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings even while relaxing in your own garden. For more details, contact us directly without any hesitation.


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