Glass to Glass Polaris hinges

Glass to Glass Polaris hinges


Type: Glass to Glass Polaris hinges

Mechanism: Fencing accessories

Category: Glass Pool Fence



There are various types of hinges present in the market and designed for the purpose of providing smoother action to the glass gates. But, not all of them are designed for the purpose of attaching the glass gate with other glass panels. Our latest Glass to Glass Polaris hinges is designed for attaching the glass gates with other glass panels. It is available in two pairs. The first one is attached to the glass gate and the second one with the glass panel. The hinges are made of the stainless steel. It does not get rusted due to the water used for cleaning the glass fences.

Most of the people complain that their glass gates have broken due to forceful closing. But, with the installation of these hinges, there is no need to worry about such incidents. These Polaris hinges provide an adjustable closing speed to the glass gates. This is what enables the gates to provide soft closing action. The hinges have a polish finishing. This is what provides it with a smooth texture and finishing. It will perfectly match with the glass fences of your home.


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