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Guide Rollers 40×60 with L shaped bracket


Category – Guide Wheels for sliding gates

Dimension of roller – 40x60mm

Material used – Nylon rollers with stainless steel brackets

Used with – Sliding gates

Mechanism – Smooth functioning of the Sliding gates

Colour – White guide rollers

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Sliding gates are one of the highly popularized security gates used in the commercial sectors. These are easy to be operated and are low in the cost of maintenance. However, sliding in between two posts could make the gate clash with the posts if adequate support is not rendered. The support is gained with the help of the guide rollers installed on both the posts. Each side comprises of two nylon guide rollers attached in an L-shaped stainless bracket. The gap in between the rollers is sufficient to allow the sliding gate to slip in between. At our online store, you can avail guide rollers 40×60 with L shaped bracket made of quality material.

The L-shaped brackets make it easy for the guide rollers to be held tightly with the posts. The brackets are made of high quality stainless steel material that is resistant to various external factors. The item can easily be added to your list by adding it to the basket.

Additional information

Dimensions 150 x 100 x 75 mm


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