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Heavy duty Bearing Hinges-2


Category – Normal Hinges

Mechanism – Holding the load of security gate

Used in – Various types of security gates

Material – High quality metal

Performance of Hinges- Heavy Duty Bearing

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Swinging gates or other metal gates are the best security measure for safeguarding your property. Whether residential or commercial, security gates need a base support system for holding on to their respective posts. The bearing hinges are, therefore, used for bearing the heavy weight of the metal gates. We supply these heavy duty hinges in a pair for rendering double strength and support to the security gate. These hinges are made using the supreme quality of the material rendering the feature of heavy load bearing capacity. The heavy duty bearing hinges – 2 are ideal to be used with the swinging gates and other metal security gates.

As they do not have the mounting holes it allows in drilling the holes as per the required position. The hinges can also be welded with the security gate rendering it the support required for holding on to the post. It also enables the swift movement as the gate does not come out of its position. Add this valuable item to your list directly through here.


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