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Heavy duty Bearing Hinges


Category – Normal Hinges

Mechanism – Holding the load of security gate

Used in – Various types of security gates

Material – High quality metal

Performance of Hinges- Heavy Duty Bearing

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The residential, as well as commercial property owners, rely on the functionality of the security gates for ensuring the safety of the property. You won’t take a slight chance of allowing intruders or trespassers to get inside your territory. Therefore, you would definitely install the best security gates available. The security gates are quite heavy in weight to be held without the support of the heavy duty hinges. These hinges are made of supreme quality metal and have two metal plates used for welding into the post & the gate. Our online shop is the ultimate place for purchasing heavy duty bearing hinges.

These bearings hold the capacity of holding high load bearing security gates. These are designed byte leading manufacturers for serving years with a trouble-free service and low maintenance cost. These hinges can be fitted on to the gates by welding them making it hold its tight grip on it. At our virtual shelves, you can make a purchase of the item and get it delivered promptly.


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