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Heavy duty Guide Rollers with 40×50 rollers and L-bracket


Category – Guide Wheels for sliding gates

Diameter of roller – 40mm

Length of the roller – 50mm

Brackets – L-shaped brackets

Ideal for – Sliding Gates

Performance – Heavy duty

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The sliding gates are installed on a driveway that has an even leveling which makes it easy to slide. However, it might get into a friction with the gate post while sliding to and fro. For keeping them at a safe distance from the gate post the guide rollers are installed both on top and the bottom of the gate. These rollers lay a gap in between the gate and the post making the movement free from an obstacle. These items can easily be purchased from our online store as we supply heavy duty guide rollers with 40×50 rollers and L-bracket.

As the gates are always exposed to the external elements, its parts must also be resistant to the external factors. The heavy duty rollers serve the purpose right by working perfectly for long years. It comes with the L-shaped brackets that can be easily drilled on to the wall and the other side of the bracket holds on the guide rollers. The item can be put on your cat right from here.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions200 x 50 x 200 mm


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