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Hi-Lo Spear Panels


Category – Hi-Lo Spear Panels

Measurement of horizontal rods – 38x25mm

Width of the fence – 2400mm

Length of high panels – 1200mm

Length of low panels – 1140mm

Length of the flat top – 1025mm

Gap between spears – 88mm

Tubes Diameter – 16mm

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The fencing systems are getting high in popularity among the modern day property owners. These are ideal for installation in both the residential as well as commercial properties. The fences not only define the boundary lines but also render protection to your property. The manufacturers of the product have come up with varied designs of the fences also for enhancing the aesthetic appeal. The ordinary appearing fence tops are given a new appearance with the placement of high and low spear tops. We are one of the leading suppliers of hi-lo spear panels that comprise both the length of panels in a systematic order.

The low panels have a length of 1140mm, whereas, the high panels are standing tall at 1200mm. The gap of 88mm between two panels is ideal for giving a uniform look to the entire fencing system. We ship the fence panels by wrapping them appropriately and get them delivered to you safely.


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