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HiLo-Spear-Ct Clair


Category – Hi-Lo spear top

Measurement of horizontal rods – 38x25mm

Width of the fence – 2400mm

Length of high panels – 1200mm

Length of low panels – 1140mm

Gap between spears – 88mm

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Every property owner, whether, residential or commercial, is concerned about the security measure of the property. In the region of St. Clair, the security gates and fences are highly praised due to the promising results. However, the installation of fences can actually enhance the beauty quotient of your property along with rendering safety. The preference of individuals in terms of the length of the fences differs. Therefore, the security fence manufacturers have come up with high and low length panels. These are available at our online shop being manufactured by the leading manufacturers. The Hi-Lo Spear Ct Clair fence panels comprise of 1200mm high panels and 1140mm low fence panels.

The black metal finish makes the metal panels resistant to several factors including, water, rust, etc. These security systems will intensify the surrounding beauty of the property as well as safeguard its interest. We value our clients and hence, take appropriate measure for getting the items delivered promptly. We supply high quality products at the nominal rate.


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