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Category – Aluminium Spears

Mechanism – Fencing or gate design

Material Used – Good quality Aluminium

Ideal for – Residential and commercial spaces

Resistance – Weather conditions, corrosion

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Fences installed around the property give a sense of security and ensures the protection of the valuable asset. The quality of fences depends a lot on the quality of material used in manufacturing it. Aluminium gates and fences are one of the metals used by the manufacturers. However, designing the fences with the addition of spears eventually intensifies the aesthetic appeal of the property. The aluminium double crossed spears available at our online store can be purchased for custom-made designed fences. Only the supreme quality of the metal has been used in manufacturing the spears for rendering protection with durability.

Fences are not just mere elements of security,y they also work for intensifying the aesthetic appeal of the property. These double crossed spears have a standard length and coated for rendering protection against weather conditions and corrosions. These spears are ideal to be used around residential as well as commercial properties. With our online shop, you get the assurance of gaining the genuine product. The item displayed is exactly what gets delivered to you.


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