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Butt Hinges Plastic with SS pin


Category – Normal Hinges

Available with – SS pin and pre-drilled countersunk hole

Material used – Good Quality Plastic

Available in – Single Pair

Colour Availability – Black

Features – Durable and easy to fix

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Security measures of the property are one of the prime matters of concern for the property owners. You would invest in installing the best security gates around the parameters for increasing the level of security. But, the support of standing erectly in the exact place is given by the fence accessories. The gates and fences are held to the position with the help of Butt Hinges. These are rectangular pieces with rounded sides used for fixing the gates and fences to make it operate the function of opening and closing. These days, several property owners are getting their gates and fences in black colour.


For giving an elegant look to the fences and gates get them fixed with Butt Hinges Plastic with SS pin. The dynamic black colour of the Butt hinges makes it get perfectly blend with the fences. We avail these hinges made of supreme quality plastic at our online store. These butt hinges are easy to get installed and give a long term service.


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