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Level spear with doggy bar spears per panel price


Type: Level spear with doggy bar spears per panel

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Level spear top

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The residential and commercial properties both require some protection to prevent unwanted entry. Our level spear with the doggy bar will help you to achieve this goal within your budget. The spears of these fencing panels have a special design. This design protects do not allow anyone to enter. One additional special feature of these fencing panels is there are doggy bars present at the base of the fences. It prevents the unwanted entry of the animals also. The top portion is like any other spear fence for enhancing the aesthetics of the house.

One of the features that make this fence special is the top of the fence. There is a proper level on the top of the fence. The spears are all present in a parallel like at the same distance. This protects people from climbing the top of the fence and enters the property. The fence can be easily installed with the help of the posts. The black colour of the fences provides it with a mind-blowing look. It also protects the fences from other external factors like dust, dirt, weather change, etc.


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