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Level Spear


Category – Level spear top

Mechanism – Security pool fences

Material – High quality metal

Width of fence panel – 2400mm

Gap between fence panels – 88mm

Dimension of Horizontal rods – 38x25mm

Diamater of the fence panels – 16

Resistant to – Water, corrosion, and other factors

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Fences are installed round the property for ensuring the safety and security. The pool also forms the part of the whole property that must also be secured from trespassing. The metal glass pool fence is an ideal measure if installed perfectly. The dimension and quality of the fence panels are significant in terms of rendering security. Hence, here at our online shop, we supply only the best quality products to our clients. These fence panels can also enhance the beauty of the poolside with spears fitted on top of it. The Level Speartop displayed here is good enough to be installed around the pool area.

The fence panel has a width of 2400mm and with a height of 1200mm including the spear, this would secure the pool fence properly. The vertical bars have a thickness of diameter 16. The gap between the two bars is 88mm and each horizontal rod has a dimension of 38x25mm.


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