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Loop Top Gate 970mm wide Black


Type: Loop Top Gate 970mm wide Black

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Loop Top

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There are lots of loop gates available in our store. This is one of the best loop gates among all of them. There are lots of features that make this gate special. The height of this fence is 1200 mm. It is not easy to climb on the top of the gate to cross it. Even if someone manages to reach the top, it is almost impossible to stand there because of the loop structure. There are total 5 loops present at the top. The loops are attached at two weld point.

The gate is made of aluminium which is known as one of the hardest material. So, there is no need to worry about its durability and strength. The width of this gate is 970 mm. So, you can clearly see that the gate is wide enough to let small vehicle and people pass easily. The gaps present between two bars are 70 mm wide. There are also two weld points present at the base. This provides extra support to the overall structure of the gate. For more information, contact the professionals of our company without any hesitation.


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