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Loop Top Panel 2450×1200


Type: Loop Top Panel 2450×1200

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Loop Top

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The loop top panels are now in trend in Australia. Not only the design and looks are making it popular but also the efficiency through which it protects the property. In our loop top panel, there are 14 loops present. The length of the panel is 2450 mm. So, one panel is enough to cover a large part of the area. The height of the panel is 1200 mm from the base to the top. If we calculate the height excluding the loop from the bottom to the top then it is 1090 mm.

The loops are attached with 2 welds at the base. The same applies for each of the bars. The gaps between two bars are 70 mm. There are all over 16 tubes present in the panel. The black colour of the loop top panels gives an attractive look. This panel is possible to install with the use of two posts. The maintenance cost of this panel is also low as compared to other fencing accessories. It has the potential to easily tackle all external factors like dust, dirt, climatic conditions, etc. For more information, contact our experts.


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