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Loop Top Primrose Gate 1495mm wide x 1200mm High


Type: Loop Top Primrose Gate 1495mm wide x 1200mm High

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Loop Top

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The loop top gates are designed especially for those who like to have security and aesthetics at the same time on their property. The loop gates have a loop like structure on the top which prevents anyone from standing on it or crossing the gate. The vertical bars prevent people from climbing the gate. The primrose colour is elegant in looks. The powdered coating protects the gate from various external impacts like bad weather, climatic conditions, dirt, dust, etc. It also has antirust properties.

So, you can use it for the pool area. The aluminium used in the making of this gate is of the finest quality. It does not get damaged due to the external factors. So, you can use the same gate for a long duration of time. The length of the gate is 1495mm wide x 1200mm High. This makes it perfect for both the commercial and residential areas. Our company will deliver the gate to your given address on time. The gates packed properly in plastic for extra security reason. Just order the product today to get it at the most reasonable rates.


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