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Magna Latch with hinges


Category – Gravity Latches

Material – Supreme quality

Mechanism – Locking fences and gates

Meant for – Residential areas

Comes with – Hinges and knob controlling key

Adjusted – Both vertically and horizontally

Resistant to – Staining, rusting, binding, tampering

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Fences are installed all around the residential property with the intention of safeguarding the asset as well as keeping everyone safe. But, it’s hard to keep children at a safe distance unless you have installed the ideal measure. Keep kids at a safe and secure distance with the assistance of the modern security locking system. The fence and pool safety latches have got an upliftment with the magna latch with hinges. This is designed using the supreme and durable material to last for a longer period.

 The latch is attached to the pool or boundary fence with the hinges. The knob is placed on top of the fence away from the reach of children. It comes with a key used for locking or releasing the functioning of the knob. The fence gets opened by pulling up the knob and the gate gets automatically closed getting locked instantly. We supply the item manufactured by the leading manufacturers.


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