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Magna Latch



Type: Magna Latch

Mechanism: Fencing accessories

Category: Top pull latches

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There are various types of locking system available in the market. But, not all of them are easy to operate and much efficient for achieving the required goal. But, our Magna latch is different than all of them. It is very easy to operate and do not require much of installation cost. The locks are installed on the top of the fencing gate. Mainly it is used for the pool area. To open the gate, you have to pull the latch on the top of the lock. This makes it completely safe and out of reach for the children.

There is also a key locking system in the Magna latch for extra protection. Just turn the key to lock it permanently until the key is turned again. The latch is made with special materials which do not get damaged due to external factors like climatic changes, dirt, dust, etc. It is also free from the rust caused by the salt water. So, you can use it for the pool area without any worry. We have lots of products in our stock. So, just order the product to get it today.


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