Mirror and satin core drill spigots

Mirror and satin core drill spigots

$75.00 $65.00

Category – Spigots

Type of Spigots – Core drill

Surface finish type – Mirror and satin

Material used – Stainless Steel

Quality of Spigots – Supreme quality

Mechanism – Fitting in the glass pool fence

Used on – Poolside fences

Thickness of glass – 12mm

Ideal for – Residential areas use



The poolside area gives a stunning view of the property with its crystal clear sparkling water and surroundings. The scenic view and the area can be secured without interrupting the aesthetic appeal. The frame or frameless glass pool fences are getting high in demand among the homeowners. These glasses are 12mm thick and have a resistance to mild shock, water, and other external elements. However, for fixing these glass fences around the swimming pool mirror and satin core drill spigots are used. Both of these surface finish spigots enhance the aesthetic appeal of the glass pool fence.

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