Mod-6920-Square-Main 25×25 sq at 5.2m long lengths


Category – Rails

Material Used – High quality metal

Meant for – Rendering support to the glass fences

Ideal for – Balcony railing, garden fences

Dimension – 25×25 sq

Length of rod – 5.2m



Glass fences are rapidly turning into a trend among the property owners of both residential and commercial properties. The fences not only enhance the aesthetics of the property, but also provide protection to the sides. These fences can either be placed on the balcony edges or around the garden space. The uninterrupted view through the fences enhances its functionality. However, the glass fence needs a back support for rendering better protection and therefore, metal handrails are fitted. The item displayed here Mod 6920 Square Main 25×25 sq at 5.2m long length is made up of high quality material for serving for years to come.

This has a length of 5.2m that is considered as a standard size with the dimension of 25x25mm square. The handrail comes to the exposure of the external factors, hence, these are designed with resistance to corrosion and other harsh weather conditions. Avail this product from our online shop at a reasonable rate by directly placing the order here.


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