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New fence with 90mm gaps 1800mm high


Type: New fence with 90 mm gaps 1800 mm high

Mechanism: Fence

Category: 1800 mm High panels

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The new fence that you will find in our store is all designed for the purpose of providing high security. That is what makes our fencing highly suitable for residential and commercial properties both. This fence is made with the use of high-quality aluminium. So, you can use the same fence for longer duration without worrying about the repairing or replacement. With just a little bit of maintenance once or twice a year, it works to fulfil its duty efficiently. This fence has many other features.

It is 1800 mm in height. This makes it almost impossible for anyone to cross it. All the bars present in this fence are aligned in a vertical line. So, it is not possible for anyone to climb on the top of the fence. There are 20 pickets present on the top of this fence. They work as an extra layer of protection. We have installed this fence for various purposes like a government project, school project, childcare centres, hospitals, pool safety fencing, and other high-security reasons. We have lots of stock of this fencing panel for you.


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