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New fence with 90mm gaps 1500mm high Ivy


Type: New fence with 90mm gaps 1500mm high Ivy

Mechanism: Fence

Category: 2100mm High panels

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The new fence with 90mm gaps 1500mm high Ivy is designed to protect the commercial and residential areas both. So, it doesn’t matter for what purpose you are choosing this product. The panels are 1500 mm high. So, there is no need to worry about anyone climbing on it and enter your property. Even if someone tries to climb this fence, the vertical bars will not allow it. There is 20 points spear-like structure on the top of the panel. The gap between each of the bar is 90 mm.

This gap is very small for allowing anyone to enter in or out. This fence has a coating of black paint not only for the looks but also for protection. The pain protects the fence from getting damaged due to climatic conditions like rainfall, snowfall, etc. The fence is rust-free. You can use it for a longer duration of time without worrying about the corrosion. The aluminium used in the making of this fence is of high quality. This makes it highly durable and strong along with its other features. Purchase it today to get it at best price.


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