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Glass with stainless steel posts with D brackets installed price


Type: Glass with stainless steel posts with D brackets

Mechanism: Fencing accessories

Category: Semi-frameless glass fence



People often think that the glass fences are installed for the purpose of protecting the pool area. The glass pool fences can be also installed on the balconies or the deck area. Instead of using the spigots, these glass panels are given support with stainless steel posts. The glass panels are attached to the steel posts with D brackets. This bracket has a very strong grip and does not let the glass panel fall down. The combination of the stainless steel post along with transparent glass panels provides a perfect look.

The stainless steel does not react with atmospheric components like air or gets rusted. So, there is no need to worry about the posts getting damaged due to external features like weather changes, climatic conditions, dust, dirt, etc. You can easily use the same post for a longer duration of time without any serious repairing. Just a little bit of maintenance and it will look new. One post can be used to install the glass panels from two sides. So, two posts have the capacity to provide proper strength to one glass panel.


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