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Nylon Gear Rack


Type: Nylon Gear Rack

Mechanism: Manual

Category: Gear Racks, Gear Racks for Sliding Gates

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The nylon gear rack is best for the purpose of operating the sliding doors. It has straight teeth cut into one surface. A small cylindrical gearbox installed with the sliding door enable the door to move properly. The gear rack remains stationary and the door slides on it. The nylon gear rock is one of the most durable items and it does not get damaged easily. There is no need to worry about corrosion with it. So, you can use this gear rack for an outside door also.

It has the capacity to carry large loads easily. So, you can install the heaviest of the doors on it. The black colour of the gear rack easily hides the dust and dirt and requires less cleaning. This gear rack is best for the purpose of industrial sliding doors where the door mechanism is heavy and faces huge numbers of traffics every day. Our professionals can help you with the installation of this nylon gear rack. We provide all kinds of services like installation, repair, and replacement. For queries or information, feel free to contact our experts any time you want.


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