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Oxley ring top Black 2400×1200


Type: Oxley ring top Black 2400×1200

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Oxley Rings Flat Top

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The Oxley ring top fences are very popular among the people nowadays. The fences with Oxley rings are popular for providing proper security along with looks to the property of the owner. We have varieties of fences for the security purpose of which this one considered as the best. The black colour of the fence provides it with an amazing look. There is no need to worry about the security as we always verify our product before selling. The dimension of the fence is 2400×1200. The black colour of the fences provides it with a catchy look.

The top of this fence is flat which mixes with rest of the fencing accessories easily. For the last few years, we have been selling all kinds of fencing accessories. That is what given us a perfect idea about the specific demand of the people. So, if you are searching for a specific type of fencing product, we can help you to find it easily. There are rings on the top of the fence that makes it look amazing. The bars are all set in a vertical line. This is what makes it almost impossible to climb.


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