Pair of Hinges

Pair of Hinges

$350.00 $170.00

Type: Pair of Hinges

Mechanism: Manual

Category: Hinges



The hinges are very important part of the swing gates. Without the use of the proper hinges, the gate will not work properly. So, it is important that you give the same importance to the hinges as like other products. The hinges are made with the use of the stainless steel and other durable products. They do not get damaged or rusted due to weather change, dust, dirt, etc. The hinges are available in a pair. That means one product will solve the problem of one gate.

For heavy gates, we always recommend using appropriate number of hinges. It has the strength to hold and give same performance irrespective of the size and shape of the door. The four screws hold the hinges perfectly on the gate and the post. You can use it for the interior door of the house and also the external ones. Our hinges have a special coating on it to protect it from various weather condition and climatic changes. We have professionals for the installation of the hinges on the gate. If you do not have an idea about whom to call, feel free to contact the experts of our company.


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