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Panel Flat top 2400W x 900H Black


Type: Panel Flat top 2400W x 900H Black

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Flat top

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  1. This flat top fencing panel is made of the finest quality aluminium and has a dimension of 2400mm wide x 900mm high. The fence comes with a guarantee for a lifetime no rust. So, you can use it for the pool area too. There are 16 vertical tubes present in this fencing panel. The size of the frame is 38×25. This gives proper strength to the overall structure of the fencing panel. There is a 90 mm gap in between the tubes. So, it is not possible for anyone to pass through such a small place.The fencing panel contains 4 panels welded. The entire fencing panel is powered coated for extra protection. It gives black colour to the fence and protects it from various climatic conditions and weather changes like rain, storm, snow, etc. Our products are properly packed in plastic boxes before delivery. This protects the item from getting damaged during the transportation. For any kind of help or information, our helpdesk is always open. Just one call and our experts will be at your service. Our products are always tested selling to the customers.


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