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Panel Level Spear 2400x1200mm in Aluminium or steel


Category – Level spear top

Material – High quality Aluminium or Steel

Width of the gate -2400mm

Height of the gate -1200mm

Fits around – Pool area or garden space

Colour – Black or Primrose

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The poolside or the garden forms an integral part of the landscape designing structure. Hence, the property owners are taking adequate measures for safeguarding these spaces. In terms of rendering security, the fences and gates play a key role as these are strong, durable, and also enhance the aesthetics of the space. The fences are also manufactured in varied designs such as the panels having spear tops on them. These spear tops are designed in varied shapes to provide better protection and safety. The panel level spear 2400x1200mm in Aluminium or steel is one of the best items at our online store.

This is manufactured by reliable manufacturers and hence, ensures gaining genuine and high quality products. These fences can be installed around the pool area and the garden space. These are available in the dimension of 2400mm width and 1200mm height that is ideal for rendering protection and safety. We have these fence panels shipped and delivered at a reasonable rate throughout NSW in a safe and manner.


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