Railing-kaca-3 round or square 25 dia or 25×25


Type: Railing-kaca-3 round or square 25 dia or 25×25

Mechanism: Fencing accessories

Category: Rails



The rails are an important part of the structure of the fences that we use on the balconies, stairs or any other interior part of the house. The railing helps in the proper protection of the people by preventing falling down from high places. It also works as an extra-strength provider to the glass panels. The shinning railing that you can purchase from us is available in round and square shape both. You can change the look of the glass panels with the use of these railings. The railings are made with the use of finest quality stainless steel. So, there is no need to worry about corrosion due to water.

So, even if you use the railing for the outside balcony, it will not get damaged due to harsh weather, climatic condition or any other weather factor. Our professionals will help you with the installation if you are not able to. We provide all kinds of services related to the fencing like installation, repair, and replacement. The dimension of these railings is 25 dia or 25×25. We promise to deliver the product on time without any delay.


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