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Ring and Spear top 1500mm high


Type: Ring and Spear top 1500 mm high

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Spear & Ring top

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The spear ring top fence is one of the finest qualities fencing product designed to work with the high-security level. More and more people prefer this fence over other because of its high-security efficiency. Lots of people are there who prefer the use of this product because of its high-efficiency rate. It is made by the use of the finest quality aluminium which is highly durable and strong. The Ring and Spear top fencing panel is 1500 mm high. So, there is no way anyone could climb the fence to reach the other side.

Even if someone manages to climb it, the spear will prevent people from crossing over. The vertical line of the fence is all aligned to provide high security. The weight of this fence is 20 kg and the dimension is 2052 x 1500 mm. The fence is properly powder coated to protect it from various climatic conditions. There are 2 parallel fencing lines present on the top. We properly pack the fence in a cardboard box before the delivery. This prevents the product from getting damaged during the transportation.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 2052 x 1500 mm


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