Round core drill mirror finsh spigots

Round core drill mirror finish spigots


Type: Round core drill mirror finish spigots

Mechanism: Fencing accessories

Category: Spigots



The spigots are one of the main aspects of the glass fencing. It is responsible for providing proper support to the entire structure of the glass fencing. So, it is important that you choose spigots of high-quality. Our Round core drill mirror finish spigots are the latest product for fulfilling the same purpose. The gap between the spigots where the glass panels are installed is 100 mm in length. The length of the entire spigot is 280 mm. And the length of the round cover that can be used for this spigot is 100 mm.

The spigot is coated with an extra layer of paint that provides it with a mirror finishing texture. The coating also protects it from getting damaged due to the salt water if installed near a pool. It is properly checked and passed through all the Australian standards. This is what makes it best for the purpose of the outdoor and indoor structure. It is properly packed in cardboard boxes before delivery. So, there is no need to worry about it getting damaged during the transportation. The screw-like structure keeps it tight in its place.


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