Round core drill spigot with cover plate

Round core drill spigot with cover plate


Type: Round core drill spigot with cover plate

Mechanism: Fencing accessories

Category: Spigots



The round core drill spigot with cover plate is a complete set of the glass fencing spigot. The best thing about this spigot is that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. There is an extra layer of protective paint coat present on the spigot to protect it from various weather conditions and climatic changes. So, you can use it for the pool area also. The water will not be able to damage it by rusting the structure of the spigot its screw. The entire set is made of the stainless less which is immune from rust.

The cover sets perfectly preventing the view of the joint of the spigot with the floor surface. The screw-like base of the spigot attaches it perfectly to the floor and do not let it move from its place. The glass panel is attached to the gap present in the middle of the spigot on the top portion. The spigots are possible to purchase in bulk quantity from our online store. So, order any number of the spigot required for your property. We promise to deliver the product on-time.


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