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Single Driveway Gate 1200 high


Type: Single Driveway Gate 1200 high

Mechanism: Fence

Category: 1200 high Oxley ring spear top fence

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The single driveway gate is 1200 mm high. This is what makes it perfect for the purpose of the protection of the commercial areas best. But, you can also use it for the residential places too. The fence is made of the optimum quality aluminium. It does not get rusted due to the weather condition or water. The Oxley ring on the top of the fence provides it with an elegant look. This makes the fence look more attractive. The black colour of the fence is another feature that makes it look beautiful too.

There are many female spears present on the top of the fence. The length of the fencing panel is 1700 mm. There are 19 sq tubes present in the fence. All of them are aligned vertically. The solid rings are 19 mm thick. The dimension of the post of the fence is 50×50. So, there is no way someone could easily break the post of the fence. Our store is open 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. So, you can purchase the product as per your convenience from our store.


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