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Sliding Gate 1200 high


Type: Sliding Gate 1200 high

Mechanism: Fence

Category: 1200 high Oxley ring spear top fence

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The sliding gates needed to be strong as they are mainly used for the external part of the house. Our 1200 high sliding gate is perfect for achieving high level of security in both residential and commercial places. Our gates are designed for the purpose of the providing high-security level in both those aspects. There are 19 mm thick spears present in this sliding gate. So, there is no need to worry about anyone climbing the top of the gate. The female spears are best for protection and present in this gate.

The height of the gate 1200 mm and the length of the gate is 4200 mm. if we consider the edges of the gates then the length of the gate is known to be 4400 mm. The dimension of the lower bard present in this gate is 100×50×3. So, you can understand how much efficient the gate is through the specifications given above.  There are Oxley rings present on the top of the sliding gate and between the two rods. For best outcome by the installation of this sliding gate, contact the professionals for installation.


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