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Gravity Lock of Magna Latch


Type: Gravity Lock of Magna Latch

Mechanism: Manual

Category: Gravity Latches

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Locking the door of the house is always important to restrict unwanted entry during your absence. The latest gravity lock with Magna latch is one such product that can help you fulfil such purpose. We assure you that the products present in our store are all quality checked and follow the Australian safety standard. So, there is no need to worry about its efficiency and performance. The best purpose for which you can use this lock is for securing the pool area from your kids. The locks are installed in a higher place safe from the reach of the kids.

There is a key locking mechanism present in the gravity lock. It provides extra security to the gate. That is why you can use this lock for your backyard gate also. The magnetic latches easily get locked and do not open. The magnetic system also prevents the lock from opening if someone shakes the gate. The black colour of the latch gives an amazing look. The climatic conditions and weather changes have no effect on the locking system. So, you can use it for indoor as well as outdoor purpose also.


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